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199 Essential Safety Documents

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This essential Health and Safety toolkit will enable you to keep your organisation in line with all the relevant health and safety regulations. It will not only help you to avoid problems, stress and long discussions with health and safety inspectors, it will also ensure you the respect and gratitude of your boss. After all, when it comes to safety matters, a lot is riding on you doing your job well.
You can save time and money today and start implementing these 199 checklists, policies and templates as soon as you download them. Written by health and safety experts, the documents are designed to save you time without cutting vital corners.

Here’s a sample of what you can expect:

‣ Electrical Safety Checklist
‣ Risk Assessment Policy
‣ Work at Height Toolbox Talk
‣ Training Record
‣ Manual Handling Risk Assessment
‣ First Aid Immediate Response Toolbox Talk
‣ DSE Policy
‣ Fire Risk Assessment
‣ Risk Mitigation Guidance
‣ Driving for Work Policy
‣ Vibration Risks Toolbox Talk
‣ Fire Drill Checklist
‣ Mental Health Policy Checklist
‣ Manual Handling Toolbox Talk
‣ Accident Investigation Form
‣ Forklift truck Driver Selection and Training Policy
‣ Hazardous Substances Routes of Entry Toolbox Talk
‣ PPE Checklist
‣ First Aid Record Book
‣ Electrocution: Immediate Action Toolbox Talk
‣ Office Risk Assessment
‣ Noise Management Checklist
‣ Work at Height Policy
‣ Occupational Health Referral Consent Form
‣ Fire Extinguisher Checklist
‣ RPE General Maintenance Toolbox Talk
‣ Forklift truck Driver’s Pre-use Daily Checklist
‣ Asbestos Management Checklist
‣ Vehicle Loading and Unloading Checklist
‣ Asbestos Toolbox Talk
‣ HazChem Code Guide

And so much more!

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