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Head Protection Toolbox Talk

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A 2kg hammer dropping 5m will impact with the force of over 1 tonne, so it’s no surprise that being killed by a moving object ranks third in the fatal injuries list. The brain is a complex organ containing hundreds of miles of blood vessels and capable of carrying out thousands of decisions every second, so damage to the head can easily result in life-changing injuries.

There is more to head protection that just putting on a helmet, so continue to reinforce to your workers the need to work in a fashion that minimises the possibility of falling items. Involve them in the selection process so that comfort and fit will not be an excuse not to wear. Encourage them to always follow site rules and to remind colleagues if they spot a lapse in procedures.

Use this Toolbox Talk to carry out an informative and interactive training session with your employees.

Included in the download:

Word document detailing

  • Actions to take before your training
  • Key points to get across
  • Ways to enhance your training
  • How to check employee's understanding
  • Key documents you need

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