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Hierarchy of Control Toolkit

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You've spent hours creating a risk assessment but how do you put in a system of measures that actually does what you’re trying to achieve?

Specifically, how do you make sure the most effective and valuable measures get done first, but also those less important - but still necessary - controls (like PPE) don’t slip through the cracks? Because it’s not something you can afford to get wrong

Well, it’s a a lot easier than you think, with our Hierarchies of Control Toolkit. It sets out in simple, user-friendly terms how you can apply the key principles to any risk assessment. Included in your toolkit: 

  • Hierarchy of Control Special Report
  • Hierarchy of Control Worksheet
  • COSHH Assessment and Control Checklist
  • Noise Risk Assessment Hierarchy of Controls Checklist
  • Wood Dust Inhalation Exposure Controls Checklist

It’s packed with invaluable guidance like The 9 Principles of Protection, including how to: combat risks at source, evaluate risks that can’t be avoided and develop a coherent overall prevention policy 

And key action plans you really can’t afford to be without, such as:

  • 4 tips for including control hierarchies within your risk assessments
  • 5 steps to create your risk assessment on moving vehicles at work
  • How to identify the most appropriate controls for work at height risks
  • How to ensure COSHH and DSEAR assessments capture all safety, health and environmental hazards
  • Risks of out of hours working
  • 7 steps to protect people from maneuvering vehicles
  • How to risk assess the use of vibrating power tools
  • How to protect your employees’ lungs from deadly particles, dust, fumes and viruses
  • 3 common hazardous particles: the routes of entry into the body and their effects

…including control measures you can discuss with your board, key messages for staff and ways to protect employees.

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