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How to Manage Conflict in the Workplace

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HR¬†Adviser Workshops ‚Äď CPD-certified workshops led by industry expert Kathy Daniels.

Here's what you can expect to learn in our workshop:

Conflict in the workplace can happen on a one-to-one basis, and also at a group level. But however conflict occurs, it’s time consuming to manage and can have a damaging impact on productivity and motivation. Badly managed conflict can lead to increased absence, and can result in valued employees leaving the organisation.

During this workshop, line managers will learn how to manage conflict in the workplace. Hosted by employment law specialist, Kathy Daniels, we will be looking at:

  • The¬†reasons¬†that conflict occurs.
  • Ways conflict can be¬†avoided¬†and how it can be¬†managed.
  • Stopping conflict¬†before it escalates into something more serious.
  • How to use the¬†grievance procedure¬†effectively in a conflict situation.
  • The¬†legal issues¬†that are raised by conflict.
  • Dealing with people¬†who turn every situation into conflict.
  • What to do when conflict escalates into a¬†bullying¬†or¬†harassment¬†situation.
  • Dealing with conflict both¬†informally¬†and¬†formally.
  • Understanding the¬†impact¬†conflict has on those around it, and¬†managing¬†that impact.
  • Conflict at both an¬†individual and a group level¬†and¬†best practice¬†when it comes to managing both scenarios.

        Why choose our workshop?

        • CPD-certified: All our workshops meet the recognised standard of educational value, so you can attend them as part of your professional development.¬†
        • Affordable pricing: Only ¬£59.95 + VAT.
        • Expert presenter: Kathy Daniels FCIPD, FCMI, PFHEA¬†specialises in employment law, writing for a range of sources and also speaking and training across the UK. She is also a Professor at Aston University where she is Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor (Engagement). She is a lay member of the Employment Tribunals, sitting in Birmingham and a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).
        • Practical and high-quality: Our workshops are designed to be practical and relevant to your work environment. You'll also receive the¬†presentation slides, and¬†essential documents¬†to support you in your workplace.¬†

        Don't miss this opportunity to help you in creating a happier, healthier workforce. 

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