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How to Support an Employee with Mental Ill Health

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If you have an employee with mental health issues on your team, particularly if these amount to a disability, you know that you have to make "reasonable adjustments". In this workshop you find out what exactly those can be (with lots of examples!) and also what adjustments would be considered unreasonable and how to make these adjustments work specifically for your team.

If an employer does not make sufficient reasonable adjustments for an employee whose ill mental health is classed as a disability, this can be considered disability discrimination. And the potential award for disability discrimination is uncapped. So, as an employer it is in your best interest that your line managers know how to support an employee with mental health issues and what reasonable adjustments to make.

Hosted by Jodie Hill, founder and Managing Partner of multi-award winning Thrive Law, this 60-minute workshop focuses on:

  • When does a mental health condition amount to a disability?
  • What reasonable adjustments are required if the condition amounts to a disability?
  • Examples of common reasonable adjustments.
  • How to ensure your adjustments are genuinely helping the employee.
  • When are adjustments not reasonable?
  • Case studies and previous case law which give guidance on mental health and reasonable adjustments.
  • What are the potential liabilities if employers get it wrong?

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      • The presentation slides as a PDF
      • Related documents as Word files

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