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How to Support Men’s Mental Health in the Workplace

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According to Mind, 2 in 5 men admit to regularly feeling worried or low and another difficult statistic to accept is that suicide is the biggest killer for men under 45 in the UK. So, what can you do to support the mental health of your male employees, and what factors contribute to mental health problems for men?...

During this workshop, we look at how you can look after men's mental health in the workplace.

Hosted by Jodie Hill, founder and Managing Partner of multi-award winning Thrive Law, this 45-minute workshop will look at:

  • What employers can do to support their male employees in being more open about their mental health.
  • How line managers can support the men in their team.
  • The support available for men's mental health.
  • The factors which may impact male mental health (including issues around parenting, and the perception of it, and issues around toxic masculinity).
  • Identifying and addressing early signs of mental health problems so that action can be taken to prevent the situation worsening.
  • Wellbeing initiatives you can introduce to support your male employees.

      This listing contains:

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      • The presentation slides as a PDF
      • Related documents as Word files

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