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HSE Inspections Toolkit

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Would you be prepared if Health and Safety Inspectors made a surprise visit today? Are you comfortable for them to go anywhere, examine anything and speak to anyone they choose? (Yes, they can.) And even if you've done risk assessments, do they reflect the reality of what your staff actually do? (Yes, the inspectors can tell.) Their powers may surprise you. And fines can run into the millions.

The kit contains everything you need to be inspection-ready, including:

  1. The 5 key actions to ensure a Health and Safety Inspection goes as well as it can
  2. How to manage the different types of informal and formal enforcement action
  3. How to check the enforcement is compliant
  4. How some information (e.g. from your internal investigations) can be kept private, and not used against you in court
  5. How to ride out a fatal accident investigation
  6. How to reduce your culpability
  7. The 6 key actions to help limit any fines

This listing contains:

  • Special report on HSE inspections
  • 5 customisable documents

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