Health & Safety Adviser Workshops

Leadership Skills to Improve Your Influence in Health & Safety

£59.95 GBP
Plus VAT

Health & Safety Adviser Workshops ‚Äď CPD-certified workshop led by industry expert¬†Marisa Firkins.

Here's what you can expect to learn in our workshop:

One thing is clear ‚Äď successful businesses have strong and effective leaders, and this is no different when looking at safety. Effective¬†health and safety management¬†doesn‚Äôt happen by chance. Key elements need to be put into place to ensure that what you want to achieve actually materialises and you must ensure that safety is driven from the top.

This new workshop will showcase some hints and tips on how to be an effective and influential health and safety leader. Having a structured approached will mean you are able to achieve your goals and ensure support from senior management, as well as other employees.

Hosted by Marisa Firkins, CMIOSH, Director at Safety Forward Ltd, this 60-minute workshop looks at the softer skills to develop in order to have real impact in your workplace. Safety professionals need to ability to influence every part of their company structure and there is a real art to doing this. We'll cover:

  1. Strategic thinking.
  2. Decision making skills.
  3. Conflict resolution skills.
  4. Team building activities.
  5. Delegation skills.
  6. Mentorship programs.
  7. Innovative thinking

    Why choose our workshop?

    • CPD-certified: All our workshops meet the recognised standard of educational value, so you can attend them as part of your professional development.¬†
    • Affordable pricing: Only ¬£59.95 + VAT.
    • Expert presenter:¬†Marisa Firkins, Founder and Director of Safety Forward Ltd. The business was born out of her passion for health and safety and realisation that people are the most important part of every successful business. Despite what people may think, health and safety isn't just about rules and regulations. At its heart, safety is about people. Marisa won the prestigious Institute of Directors Agility and Resilience Award in 2021 and uses her experience to drive change in other businesses.
    • Practical and high-quality: Our workshops are designed to be practical and relevant to your work environment. You'll also receive the¬†presentation slides, and¬†essential documents¬†to support you in your workplace.¬†

    Don't miss this opportunity to help you in creating a safer and healthier workplace. 

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