Mental Health Adviser Workshops

Line Manager Training: Preventing Stress and Effective Delegation

Ā£59.95 GBP
Plus VAT

Mental Health Adviser Workshops ā€“ CPD-certified workshops led by industry expert Alicia Collinson.

Here's what you can expect to learn in our workshop:

To limit work-related stress, the Health and Safety Executive says you must think about theĀ demands on the individualĀ and how muchĀ controlĀ the person has over their work. In organisations that manage stress effectively, employees are generally able to cope with the demands of their job and systems are in place to respond to any concerns.

However, a common problem is that managers and supervisors donā€™t delegate effectively. In the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Developmentā€™s 2019 Health and Wellbeing at Work report, 43% said thatĀ management style was a direct cause of stressĀ and 62% saidĀ heavy workloads were causing stress-related absences.

Effective delegationĀ is therefore key to preventing stress.

During this workshop, managers will learn how toĀ identify whether stress is a problemĀ in their employees and how they canĀ better delegate tasksĀ to their teams.

Hosted by Alicia Collinson, Senior Associate Solicitor at Thrive Law, this 60-minute workshop is intended toĀ support line managersĀ in the following:

  • Introduction to the Health and Safety Executiveā€™sĀ 6 management standards on stress.
  • How toĀ identifyĀ if there is a problem with stress in their teams.
  • Practical ways toĀ tackle stress head on.
  • EffectiveĀ delegation tipsĀ to help prevent stress and burnout.
  • Understanding your ownĀ management styleĀ andĀ self-reflection.

          Why choose our workshop?

          • CPD-certified: All our workshops meet the recognised standard of educational value, so you can attend them as part of your professional development.Ā 
          • Affordable pricing: Only Ā£59.95 + VAT.
          • Expert presenter:Ā Alicia CollinsonĀ is a Senior Associate Solicitor & Tribunal Advocate has extensive experience in employment law and HR-related matters. Alicia is passionate about equality in the workplace and female representation in the legal industry and is a Mental Health, Diversity & Inclusion Advocate.
          • Practical and high-quality: Our workshops are designed to be practical and relevant to your work environment. You'll also receive theĀ presentation slides, andĀ essential documentsĀ to support you in your workplace.Ā 

          Don't miss this opportunity to help you in creating aĀ happier, healthier workforce.Ā 

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