Mental Health Adviser Workshops

How to Manage Sickness Absence Due to Mental Ill Health

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Mental Health Adviser Workshops ‚Äď CPD-certified workshops led by industry expert Jodie Hill.

Here's what you can expect to learn in our workshop:

Poor mental health is the number one reason for time off, coming in at 319 million lost working days in 2021. But behind the headline figure, mental ill-health can cause employees to be off sick for a prolonged period of time. This can mean colleagues have to take up the slack, in turn, causing potential stress and burnout.

Managers also need to handle the absence correctly; failure to do so can prolong the absence and even result in potential disability discrimination claim.

During this workshop, managers will learn how to manage illness and absence due to mental ill-health.

Hosted by Jodie Hill, founder and Managing Partner of multi-award winning Thrive Law, this 60-minute workshop is intended to support line managers in the following:

  • Being clear on when mental health amounts to a¬†disability¬†and what could constitute¬†disability discrimination.
  • How to¬†manage¬†the person who is on sick leave due to mental ill-health.
  • The importance of respecting the employee‚Äôs¬†confidentiality.
  • Understanding¬†sick pay¬†and¬†fit notes.
  • Making¬†reasonable adjustments¬†to mitigate the risk to the employee.
  • How to achieve a successful¬†return to work.

        Why choose our workshop?

        • CPD-certified: All our workshops meet the recognised standard of educational value, so you can attend them as part of your professional development.¬†
        • Affordable pricing: Only ¬£59.95 + VAT.
        • Expert presenter:¬†Jodie Hill¬†has extensive experience in employment law, D&I issues, and HR-related matters. She is also a passionate¬†mental health advocate, and her campaign #OneMind has been featured by major media outlets.
        • Practical and high-quality: Our workshops are designed to be practical and relevant to your work environment. You'll also receive the¬†presentation slides, and¬†essential documents¬†to support you in your workplace.¬†

        Don't miss this opportunity to help you in creating a happier, healthier workforce. 

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