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Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit

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Research shows that diverse companies are likely to perform up to 35% better.

And staff who feel valued work harder, perform better and stay in their jobs longer. This free Recruitment Toolkit gives you everything you need to reap the benefits of a happy, diverse workplace, while avoiding the risk of costly discrimination claims.

Included in your toolkit:

1. 8 positive actions you can take right now

2. 13 crucial checklists, for example:

‣ Avoiding age-related claims and improving diversity
‣ Avoiding discrimination during employment
‣ Implementing a dignity-at -work policy
‣ Implementing an LGBT sexual harassment at work policy
‣ Implementing reasonable adjustments for colleagues undergoing menopause
‣ Identifying and supporting colleagues suffering domestic abuse
‣ Maximising efficiency of homeworking
‣ Supporting non-binary or gender-fluid colleagues
‣ Recruiting to address a gender pay gap

3. 4 easily customisable policy documents:

‣ Promoting quality and diversity in the workplace
‣ Managing conflicting beliefs in the workplace
‣ Addressing questions of discrimination in the workplace
‣ Avoiding discrimination on religion and belief

4. 2 useful factsheets:

‣ Age discrimination
‣ Disability discrimination

PLUS – Discussion frameworks, model procedures and procedures for dealing with problematic situations involving diversity.

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