Mental Health Adviser

Mental Health and Disciplinary Toolkit

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This toolkit comprises 20 critical tools to help you determine how to manage a poorly performing employee who may have a mental health issue. You’ll get:

  • Mental Ill Health Warning Signs Checklist
  • Mental Health Discussion Openers Checklist
  • Capability Procedure
  • Performance Improvement Checklist
  • Verbal and Written Warning Letters

... and many more.

Identifying Signs of Mental Ill-Health
Tools to help you spot if an employee is suffering with a mental health problem such as Mental Ill-health Warning Signs and Discussion Openers Checklists.

Capability Tools
Resources to help you determine if the person is capable of doing the job, such as a Capability Procedure and Performance Improvement Checklist.

Disciplinary Tools
If you decide that you need to start your disciplinary process, use our Disciplinary Procedure, Formal Warning Letters and Dismissal Checklist.

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