Mental Health Adviser

Mental Health Toolkit for Line Managers

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This toolkit comprises 15 critical tools to help you support your line managers to proactively manage for good mental health. You'll get:

  • Mental Health Discussion Openers
  • Psychosocial Risks Management Checklist
  • Employee Support Plan
  • Homeworking E-presenteeism Management Checklist
  • Bullying Training Line Managers’ Checklist
  • Violence at Work Training Presentation

...and many more.

Early Warning Signs Tools
Practical resources to help your line managers identify potential mental health problems. Get your stress, psychosocial risks and drug or alcohol abuse checklists today.

Talking About Mental Health
Help managers broach the sensitive subject of mental health with their staff. Create an open culture to encourage people to talk about any problems they are experiencing.

Managing for Good Mental Health
Give your managers these invaluable tools today! Manage homeworkers, reduce stress, proactively deal with bullies or violence in the workplace.

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