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Managing Misconduct Toolkit

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Some types of misconduct are pretty clear cut ‚Äď such as stealing, fraud or damaging your property. But whether it‚Äôs ‚Äėordinary‚Äô or gross misconduct, getting it wrong and rushing to dismiss could lead to a successful unfair dismissal claim. This could result in a payout to the employee of up to ¬£105k.

Claim your Misconduct Special Report and 10 exclusive tools to help you follow a correct disciplinary process.

Your Special Report will show you:

  • What types of behaviour may¬†justify you taking formal disciplinary action, up to and including¬†instant dismissal for gross misconduct.
  • The 5 steps you need to take when¬†investigating allegations¬†of misconduct.
  • Which actions you must carry out to ensure a¬†disciplinary hearing is fair.
  • How to ensure your proposed¬†penalty isn‚Äôt excessive.
  • How to¬†hold an appeal¬†against your decision.

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