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Occupational Cancers Toolkit

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According to a study published in The British Journal of Cancer, 1 in 2 of us will suffer from at least one form of it in our lifetimes. And when this means half your workforce is at risk, you really can't be without this Occupational Cancers Toolkit to help you negotiate the risks and realities of cancer in the workplace.

Just one click gives you access to:

  1. The 9 essentials to cover in your risk assessment of any employee diagnosed to cancer.
  2. The 5 key steps to take in case asbestos is discovered to prevent catastrophe or decontamination chaos.
  3. How to identify the 200+ substances that demand a heightened response from you and the approach the law says you must take in each case.
  4. How to control exposure to silica dust which can cause devastating lung conditions.
  5. 13 key tips to minimise the risks of diesel fumes to your employees.
  6. 11 practical pointers on how to reduce the dangers of shift working.
  7. How to manage the risks from carcinogenic substances in a handy and comprehensive checklist

    This listing contains:

    • Special report on¬†Occupational Cancers
    • 7 customisable documents

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