Mental Health Adviser Workshops

How to Protect Your Homeworkers' and Lone Workers' Mental Health

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Mental Health Adviser Workshops ‚Äď CPD-certified workshops led by industry expert Jodie Hill.

Here's what you can expect to learn in our workshop:

With¬†hybrid¬†and¬†homeworking¬†becoming more widespread since the Covid pandemic, line managers need to be aware of the¬†different risks¬†posed to their remote team members. And it‚Äôs not just those working from home they need to think about ‚Äď many people¬†work by themselves¬†and are at increased risk of¬†physical or verbal abuse¬†which can negatively impact on their mental health.

During this workshop, managers will learn how to identify whether their remote worker is suffering from mental ill health and what they can do to support their teams.

Hosted by Jodie Hill, founder and Managing Partner of multi-award winning Thrive Law, this 60-minute workshop is intended to support line managers in the following:

  • How to¬†identify¬†if their remote team member has a mental health issue which requires support.
  • How to¬†prevent stress and the risk of burnout¬†and¬†reduce e-presenteeism.
  • Ensuring the employee does not feel¬†isolated¬†and feels involved in all work activities and decision-making.
  • Practical tips to help¬†prevent work-life blur.
  • Identifying the best¬†methods of communicating¬†with their staff member, which works for both parties.

    Why choose our workshop?

    • CPD-certified: All our workshops meet the recognised standard of educational value, so you can attend them as part of your professional development.¬†
    • Affordable pricing: Only ¬£59.95 + VAT.
    • Expert presenter:¬†Jodie Hill¬†has extensive experience in employment law, D&I issues, and HR-related matters. She is also a passionate¬†mental health advocate, and her campaign #OneMind has been featured by major media outlets.
    • Practical and high-quality: Our workshops are designed to be practical and relevant to your work environment. You'll also receive the¬†presentation slides, and¬†essential documents¬†to support you in your workplace.¬†

    Don't miss this opportunity to help you in creating a happier, healthier workforce. 

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