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Unauthorised Absence Toolkit

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Has your employee not turned up for work? Are you worried that something has happened to them – or do you secretly think that they’re swinging the lead? Perhaps they’ve even decided to resign and just haven’t told you!

This toolkit comprises a Special Report plus 11 critical tools to help you manage the situation effectively. You’ll get:

  • Absent Without Leave Letter
  • Contact a Missing Employee Letter
  • Sickness Absence Self-certification Form
  • Unauthorised Absence Procedure Checklist
  • Unauthorised Absence Letter Confirming Dismissal
  • and 6 more

Your Special Report will:

  • Help you decide whether an AWOL worker has resigned.
  • Show you how to respond when an employee fails to follow your reporting procedure for absence.
  • Give you the correct steps to take when an employee is AWOL.
  • Provide you with key actions when managing unauthorised absence in tricky situations that call for a more supportive or modified approach.

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