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Flexible Working Toolkit

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Covid-19 has revolutionised the way people work. Working from home, working part-time due to reduced customer demand and starting work early or late, whether to avoid peak commuting times or to allow staggered shifts – are all work styles that many staff have sampled for the first time.
And with the first tests of a 4-day workweek, seems unlikely we’ll see a return to business as usual.

The Flexible Working Special Report and 11 exclusive tools helps you manage flexible working.

Your Special Report shows you:

  • How to respond lawfully to flexible working requests.
  • What to do if you receive one or more requests close together and can’t accommodate them all.
  • The key steps for effective long-term home working – including how to manage performance, prevent isolation and avoid work-life blur.
  • Whether you can cut pay for home workers.
  • What protections are in place for part-time workers.

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