Mental Health Adviser

Occupational Health Toolkit

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The biggest cause of lost work days is mental health issues – costing employers a staggering £1652 per employee in 2020. And yet for every £1 employers invest in mental health interventions, they get £4 back in restored productivity. So clearly addressing mental health in the workplace minimises losses and pays dividends. 

Included in Your Occupational Mental Health Toolkit:

  • 7 Steps to improving mental health in your workplace
  • A step-by-step guide to help line managers support staff with a mental health problem
  • 6 Key steps to support menopausal women
  • A 5 step plan following guidance from the Institute of Health and Safety to supporting staff in their return to work after mental illness

PLUS useful factsheets on:

  • Maintaining a mentally fit workplace
  • Bereavement
  • Identifying if an employee meets the legal definition of mental health disability
  • Dismissing a worker who has a mental health disability
  • Questioning a GP who is preparing a medical report

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