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Unfair Dismissal Toolkit

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If you need to make redundancies or conduct/capability dismissals, it’s crucial to act fairly and avoid knee-jerk reactions, otherwise you could face unfair dismissal claims.

This toolkit comprises a Special Report plus 11 critical tools to help you prevent receiving a claim for unfair dismissal. You’ll get:

  • Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedure
  • Dismissal Management Checklist
  • Employee Dismissal Letter
  • Fair Dismissal and Re-engagement Checklist
  • Pregnant Employee Dismissal Letter
  • plus 6 more

Your Special Report will:

  •  Take you through the steps to dismiss employees fairly, whether for redundancy, misconduct, sickness absence, poor performance or ‘some other substantial reason’.
  • Show you how to nip disputes in the bud by following a fair grievance procedure.
  • Explain how to respond to workers who bring a whistleblowing allegation, an increasingly popular tactic by employees hoping to avoid being made redundant.
  • Look at when it may be necessary to hold a remote disciplinary or grievance hearing.
  • Give examples of situations you must be alert to in the current crisis to avoid claims for ordinary, automatic or constructive dismissal.

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